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By signing up for our music lessons, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Before signing up, please carefully read through everything below.


We do not provide refund of any kind. When you're signing up for classes, you're committing to lessons and we are reserving your spot by not accepting another student. Once you've made your payment but cannot continue lessons for ANY reason, we are unable to offer refund in any situation.

ONLY APPLIES TO MANUAL PAYMENTS: We require all students to do their lesson renewal at least 1-week prior to their last scheduled lesson. This will allow you to reserve your spot and smooth continuation of lessons. Effective 8/20/16, we charge $10 when fee is paid after the due date (late fee applies after midnight due date). If incorrect fee is paid after the due date, late fee will be billed separately via Paypal. We may charge additional late fees and place student on probation if late fee is not paid within 24-hours.


We highly recommend that you have a keyboard or piano at home for your child to practice when he/she begins taking lessons. If a keyboard/piano is not available at home, the lessons will be wasted as the student is unable to practice. Please refer to Resources page "Buying Guide" on this website for information on what type of keyboard or piano to buy for your child.


Please provide written notice (verbal notice not accepted) at least 48-hours prior to your next billing date. You will then be charged on that billing date which will be your 30-days billing date notice for withdrawal (example: if your billing date is 18th of the month, written notice has to be received by us by 16th of the that month. You will then be charged on 18th of the month as your last charge on the account).  If this notice is not provided, the registration fee for the month will be due in full. The withdrawal notice cannot be provided verbally and has to be written and can be sent via email to musikinschool.info@gmail.com. If you withdraw without notice, you will receive a collection invoice (see Past Due Accounts section) and by paying this invoice you WILL NOT be offered additional music classes, but you will be fulfilling your obligation under our terms and conditions. We use 4 lessons/month average once you're last month is calculated. Also see past due accounts section that applies to no notice withdrawals.

Accounts where parents fail to provide 30-day withdrawal notice and stop enrollment abruptly are considered "past due accounts". We will charge for last month's fee and collection charges ($85+18.95). The collection charges can be avoided if you pay our invoice for outstanding balance within 5-days from last scheduled class. If that invoice is not paid within 5-days, we will forward your account to a collection company and you will be responsible for $103.95 ($85+18.95).


If a student is unable to attend a scheduled class or student is a no-show for a scheduled class, we do offer make-up classes (please complete the make-up form). If the class is not conducted due to rec center or our decision, a make up class will be announced.


Purchasing method book for your child's piano lesson is your responsibility. The class teacher will inform you what book and where to buy it. As a courtesy, when you're child begins piano lesson as a beginner, the teacher will bring the first method book for the student. Please have $8 cash available to purchase the book.


Various music instructors may be assigned to a class. While every effort is made to keep continuity, we cannot guarantee a a specifc instructor teaching the same class.


Parents and legal guardians of minors, students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on satellite facilities resulting from normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by the students or their siblings including hearing loss or hearing damage.


When you signup, you're paying for regularly held group classes. If you miss any group classes, we do not owe you a makeup lesson. However, we offer courtesy makeup lessons scheduled once a month via this website. Details on how to sign up for makeup lessons are listed here. If you withdraw from the program, you forfeit all pending makeup lessons and they cannot be used again (even if you re-enroll in the program later).

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