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Beginning 2016, we we've streamlined accessibility of sheet music for all our students. What this means is that we will no longer provide sheet music to your child in class. Now you can visit recommended sites listed below and follow the instructions to choose/print the songs of your choice (all songs listed on these two sites are public domain songs and therefore free). It is important that you only work on 1 song at a time, and print additional songs once previous song has been mastered.


1. Visit following link to choose and print sheet free music (scroll down to appropriate level for your child:

Very Easy/Primer Level: Alfred's Level 1A (as soon as students are on page 33)









Easy/Level 1: Alfred's Level 1A (page 46 and above) or equivalent,  Easy/Level 2: Bastien Piano Level 1 or equivalent, Intermediate/Level 3: Bastien Piano Level 2 or equivalent, Intermediate/Level 4: Bastien Piano Level 2 & 3 or equivalent, Intermediate/Level 5: Bastien Piano Level 3 or equivalent):









2. To help your child choose the song, look for songs under appropriate level on (ex: Very Easy/Primer Level). To audition a song, click on green dot under PDF icon in the first column (ex: London Bridge), students can also listen to sample audio of the song by click on green dot under the music icon column (ex: London Bridge). For the next level and beyond visit, scroll to appropriate level (ex: Easy/Level 1), click a song of your choice (ex: Marriage of Figaro). The page that opens up has both pdf file to download/print the song and audio sample to listen to the song.










3. Once you've chosen the song. Your child can begin trying to play the song at home listening to the sample audio on the above listed websites. They will then bring the chosen printed song to piano class and your instructor will help them learn that song (your teacher will decide whether you've acquired minimum skills to play that particular song). Once they've mastered the song, it becomes part of their master song list (master songs are students list of portfolio songs). They are now ready to chose a new song by repeating the process listed above.



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