Month 1: Music History:

  • Learning the early beginning of music

  • Development of music in western and eastern worlds

  • Development of western music to modern times

  • Different genres of modern music and their origins


Month 2: Rhythm:

  • Rhythm and core elements

  • Rhythms from around the world

  • Time signatures (2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8)

  • Rhythm games


Month 3: Famous Composers:

  • Learn about Beethovan, Mozart, Bach and Tchaikovsky’s music

  • Learn about each composer’s life

  • Learn to play one piece by each composer

  • Composer quiz game


Month 4: Ear Training:

  • Basic ear training exercises (high, low, octave pitches)

  • Advance ear training exercises (intervals)

  • Music phrase recognition drills

  • Music phrase recognition games


Month 5: Note Reading:

  • Review of note reading principles (grand staff)

  • Note reading drills

  • Note duration drills

  • Note Reading competition


Month 6: Music Technique:

  • Finger placement and movement

  • Key signature review (C - F - G - D)

  • Time signature (3/4, 4/4, 6/8)

  • Commonly used chords (key of C - F - G & D)

  • Key, time signature and chords quiz game


Month 7: Music Theory:

  • Recognizing common music signs and terms (ritardando, crescendo, etc.)

  • Review of basic music concepts (pitch, rhythm, tempo, note duration, dynamics etc.)

  • Music theory games and drills

  • Music signs, terms and theory quiz


Month 8: Mastering Intervals:

  • Review of interval concept and theory

  • Common interval drills

  • Recognizing intervals in reading notes

  • Interval team quiz game


Month 9: Improvisation:

  • What is improvisation and learning from examples

  • Learning about jazz

  • Improvisation worksheets and drills

  • Instant Improvisor game


Month 10: Sight Reading:

  • From note reading to sight reading

  • Techniques to becoming a better sight reader

  • Sight reading drills

  • Sight reader quiz show


Month 11: Famous Music Pieces:

  • Listening to and learning from 10 most famous musical pieces

  • Class discussion and analysis of music pieces

  • Famous music piece worksheet drill

  • Famous music game show


Month 12: Music Composition:

  • Elements of music composition

  • Learning to write a motif

  • Using motif and other techniques to develop a composition

  • Individual composition pieces



* Only selected students

1hr - twice-a-month class

Famous Composers

Detail list of activities - 12-month curriculum:
Each class will be divided into 3 parts:

a) Audio/video/multimedia presentation
b) Individual worksheets/drills (take home)
c) Curriculum-based games and activities

Music Composition

Famous Composers

Music Games

Music Drills

Music History

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Famous Music Pieces

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