Produced and Arranged By: Amir Khan

For Alfred's Lesson Book 1A

Sample Tracks (album includes over 90 tracks):

Jingle Bells(Pg51) - Arr: Amir Khan
00:00 / 00:00
Indian Song (Pg57) - Arr: Amir Khan
00:00 / 00:00
RockinTune (Pg56) - Arr: Amir Khan
00:00 / 00:00
Horse Sense (Pg60) - Arr: Amir Khan
00:00 / 00:00

We're delighted to introduce New PlayAlong Music Track album for Alfred's Lesson Book 1A. These tracks have been specially recorded and prepared for our piano students. This album contains:


1. Over 95% of the songs in the Alfred's Lesson Book 1A covered.

2. Each song has three tracks; piano with click track, piano+play along track and only play along track.

3. Nearly a hundred tracks included in the album.

4. Professionally recorded and digitally mastered.

5. Album contains each track as mp3 file, which can be easily played on any computer (MAC or PC), iPod, iPad, all smart phones and other mobile devices.


Following are the key benefits of this album:


  • Excellent motivator for students to practice at home.


  • Brilliant tool to improve playing songs in rhythm.


  • Included is a PDF instructions guide on how to use the tracks to practice.


  • Incredible reference tool to help students hear the song played.


  • Priceless in helping students practice and prepare songs for the recital.


  • Playalong tracks in this album will be used officially during our recitals, students can practice with these tracks at home and perform with the exact tracks at the music recital.







Once you're payment is complete, you will receive the download files via a link to the email addressed used in your paypal account. Please be patient, the download link is emailed manually and is not automated. Please expect the download link within 24hrs after your payment.

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